#225 Catalonia/Balearic in NYC

Ramon Llull was a leading philosopher, logician and writer in medieval Catalonia and the foundation that today bears his name works to export Catalonian culture and music throughout the world.

Their most recent project in the U.S. is an exciting weekend of concerts and workshops in New York and a window into current trends in Catalonian music.

Relevant Tones travels in the field to feature the music and interviews with the composers.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Sarah Zwinklis


Aproximación a lo Indivisible by Luis Codera Puzo

Cantiga Vazia by Octavi Rumba

Meta-Morphé by Joan Bagés i Rubi

18by Joan Arnau Pàmies

G-Waves by Mateu Malondra Flaquer

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