#179 Shanghai New Music Week Part 2

The Relevant Tones team travels to Shanghai for New Music Week, a relatively new but impressive festival held by the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music. This second in a four-part series features the resident composers and some of the students involved in the festival.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Chen Yi: Night Thoughts (excerpts)
Members of the Shanghai Chamber Orchestra/Gottfried Rabl
2:07, 8:09

Chen Yi: Momentum
Shanghai Chamber Orchestra/Gao Jian

Jean-Patrick Besingrand: Interjections and Fragmentations
Ensemble Offspring/Roland Peelman

Geng Shiqi: Spring Rain of a Lotus Pond
Ensemble Offspring/Roland Peelman

Wu Fan: Jumping Lines and Surfaces
Ensemble Offspring/Roland Peelman

Beat Furrer: Gaspra (excerpt)
Ensemble Recherche
Kairos 1232

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