#172 Musical Moonlighters Redux

When we featured composers for whom music is a second job, we discovered so many “secret” composers that we’re returning to the subject to feature another crop of musical moonlighters.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Stephen Vitiello: Crossing Her Eyes and Sneezing (excerpt)
Stephen Vitiello, electronics
New Albion 115

Bin Li: Fanfare for the Midwest
Eddie Ludema & Zach Kingins, Trumpet; Jeff Dunford, Horn; Logan Chopyk, Trombone;
Genevieve Clarkson, Tuba/Elliott Bark, Conductor

David Behrman: Canyon fr. Unforeseen Events
Stephen Vitiello, electronics; Ben Neill, Mutantrumpet
Xi Records

Eric Whitacre: Equus
Tokyo Symphonic Band/Eric Whitacre
BCM International

Stephen Vitiello: Rebecca H.H.
Stephen Vitiello, electronics; David Tronzo, guitar
New Albion 115

Cary Boyce: Shadows, Sins and Nocturnes
Aguavá New Music Studio; Carmen Téllez, conductor

Jake Heggie: The Narrow Balcony fr. Ahab Symphony
University of North Texas Symphony Orchestra & Chorus/David Itkin

Brandon Harrington: Rest, I
Chicago Composers Orchestra

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