#169 In the Field: Colombia Part 1

Relevant Tones continues our popular In the Field series with a trip to Bogotá and Medillín for interviews with composers and performers busily making this South American country a mecca for new music.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Camilo Giraldo: Chucu Chucu
Trip Trip Trip Guitar Trio

Gustavo Parra: El Sapo Greñudo y Labión de Botswana
Jorge Meija, Juan Fernando Avendaño, Johnny Lucero, Giovanni Scarpetta & Juan Sepulveda, brass ensemble

Carolina Noguera: String Quartet No. 1, IV
Manolov Quartet

Francisco Zumaqué: Matanaganti

Damián Poncé: Dias de Papel
Cuarteto Q-Arte; Antonio Correa, prepared piano
Distre 0034

Francisco Zumaqué: Colombia Caribé (excerpt)

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