#132 Still Goldberg After All These Years

When harpsichordist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg asked Bach to write pieces for him to play to help a Saxon count get to sleep at night he could hardly have realized that he was playing a key role in creating music that would inspire audiences and musicians for centuries.

Not only are the Goldberg Variations among the most frequently performed works today, they also continue to inspire composers to write new variations on the famous themes. We’ll feature an incredible array of these this week on Relevant Tones.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Dan Tepfer: Improvisation 1 & Variation 1
Dan Tepfer, piano
Sunnyside 1284
0:51, 0:49

Uri Caine: The Introitus Variation
Kettwiger Bach Ensemble; David Moss, vocals
Winter & Winter 54

J.S. Bach: Aria fr. Goldberg Variations
Jeremy Denk, piano
Nonesuch 535452

Misha Zupko: Ghost Variation
Lara Downes, piano
Tritone 59140

Jennifer Higdon: Gilmore Variation
Lara Downes, piano
Tritone 59140

Derek Bermel: Kontraphunktus
Lara Downes, piano
Tritone 59140

Karlheinz Essl: Fantasia Chromatica fr. Gold.berg.werk for instruments and electronics
Christina Neubauer, violin; Martin Kraushofer, viola; Eva Landkammer, cello
Preiser 90753

Gabriela Montero: Improvisation on the Aria fr. Bach’s Goldberg Variations
Gabriela Montero, piano
EMI 64647

Uri Caine: Variation 9 (Canon at the Third)
Ralph Alesi, trumpet; Don Byron, clarinet; Uri Caine, piano; Reid Anderson, bass
Winter & Winter 54

Uri Caine: Variation 10 (Fughetta)
Kettwiger Bach Ensemble; David  Moss, vocals
Winter & Winter 54

J.S. Bach: Aria fr. Goldberg Variations (excerpt)
Lara Downes, piano
Tritone 59140

Fred Lehrdahl: Chasing Goldberg
Lara Downes, piano
Tritone 59140

Bright Sheng: Variation Fugato
Lara Downes, piano
Tritone 59140

C. Curtis-Smith: Rube Goldberg Variation
Lara Downes, piano
Tritone 59140

Uri Caine: The Dig It Variation
Uri Caine, piano; Dean Bowman, vocals
Winter & Winter 54

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