#106 Thirsty Ear Broadcast 2014

Relevant Tones’ annual live broadcast returns with a 2-hour broadcast from City Winery. Performers include Fonema Consort, Gaudete Brass, and Graham Reynolds.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Fonema Consort
Pablo Chin, Artistic Director; Nina Dante, voice; Kathryn Schulmeister, voice; Emily Beisel, clarinet; Ryan Packard, percussion

Mort d’Antigone by Hèctor Parra

Como la leyenda de Tlön, I by Pablo Santiago Chin

Tandem by Chris Fisher-Lochhead

Como la leyenda de Tlön, II by Pablo Santiago Chin

Les sept crimes de l’amour by Georges Aperghis

Gaudete Brass
Ryan Berndt, trumpet; Julia Filson, horn; Bill Baxtresser, trumpet; Scott Tegge, tuba; Paul von Hoff, trombone

Bright and Fast from Frost Fire by Eric Ewazen

Record of a Lost Tribe by Conrad Winslow

Still by David Sampson

Gazebo Dances Overture by John Corigliano (setting by Cliff Colnot)

Graham Reynolds
Jeff Yang and Madeline Capistran, violins; Becca Wilcox, viola; Nicholas Photinos, cello

Cult of Color: The Miracle Machine

Back to the Cell (O Sacred Head, Now Wounded)

String Abstraction No. 3 (Cottontail)

The Difference Engine
The Cogwheel Brain
Cam Stack and Crank Handle
Late at Night – The Astronomer
The Difference Engine

Before Midnight/Creatures

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