#99 Contact! Live at MOMA

Matthias Pintscher leads a concert of US premieres with members of the New York Philharmonic at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. All of works were commissions and were based on public sculptures from Salzburg. Relevant Tones was on the scene to broadcast the event live.

Musicians of the NY Philharmonic/Matthias Pintscher
Jennifer Zetlan, soprano
Evan Hughes, bass-baritone

Hosted by Seth Boustead and produced by Jesse McQuarters.

Nina Šenk: In the Absence
based on Erwin Wurm’s Gurken

Michael Jarrell: Adtende, ubi albescit veritas
based on Christian Boltanski’s Vanitas

Jay Schwartz: M
based on Markus Lüpertz’s Mozart- Eine Hommage

Vito Žuraj: Insideout
based on Manfred Wakolbinger’s Connection

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