#18 Weekly Readings

Starting in 2004 Access Contemporary Music has read and recorded a piece of music by a living composer every week and posted it to their website. We sample just a few of the highlights from the past eight years of this remarkable program.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Malcolm Dedman: Dispelling the Darkness, Chie Yoshinaka, violin
Bryan Page: Kick the Duck, Richard Sladek, piano
Javier Torres Maldonado: Reflejo Espiral, Alicia Poot, flute, Matthew Peters, percussion
Ioannis Papaspyrou:  Will McDaniel, pno, Cory Tiffin, cl, Eliza Bangert, fl, Dave Moss, vla
Silvia Simons: String Quartet, Eric Pidluski, vln, Sarah Cave, vln, Jules Lai, vla, Chai Wolfman, vc
Mark Zanter: Seven Trio, Aurelian Pederzolil, vln, Becca Wilcox, vla, David Keller, vc
Emil Margolis: String Quartet No.I, Mvmt. IChicago Q Ensemble
Aaron Alon: Spell, Jeff Yang, Violin, Alyson Berger, Cello, Dan Klingler, Cello

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